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Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills Moms Want

Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills Moms Want

You have gone through the joy of pregnancy, and now you have a new baby in your life. You’re excited to start, or add to, your family, whom you love very much. You also want to make sure you’re setting the highest standards of health and fitness, so your children will live happily for a long time. Unfortunately, pregnancy, childbirth, and breast-feeding can all take a toll on your body. Beverly Hills Physicians understands this conundrum, which is why we offer a package known as the mommy makeover. This suite of procedures is comprised of a number of procedures that may often include the lift or breast augmentation Beverly Hills moms demand, and much more.The mommy makeover would rarely be complete without a tummy tuck at Beverly Hills Physicians. This procedure removes excess skin from around the stomach, which can be stretched out and hang loosely after pregnancy or extreme weight loss. A tummy tuck also smooths out the skin, reducing stretch marks or wrinkles and enhancing elasticity in the skin.

We also remove areas of fat, so your stomach and other body parts may even look better than it did before your procedure!  And that’s where the liposuction Beverly Hills moms want comes in. This procedure removes stubborn areas of fat that exercise and diet haven’t shifted. These can collect around the arms, thighs, calves, ankles, and even face, changing how you look, and – worse – changing how you feel about how you look. At Beverly Hills Physicians, our leading specialists are ready to work with you on the look you want. Contact us today. 

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