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Botox and the Subjective Nature of Cosmetic Procedures

According to a recent article on Modern Medicine Network, a recent attempt to quantify and measure patient outcomes with Botox was more difficult than the study conductors may have anticipated. This was due to the many subjective factors that determine the success or failure of any cosmetic procedure. Even so, by analyzing the depth and frequency of wrinkles before and after treatment, the study determined that “static” wrinkles decreased by an average of 12.4 percent, while “dynamic” lines decreased by 41.2 percent in the eight female patients that were studied. This study shows that Botox does have real, measureable effects when it comes to reducing wrinkles; at the same time it demonstrates the natural restrictions that scientific analysis has when dealing with cosmetic procedures. Botox is just one of many treatments with results that can vary greatly based on the skill of the surgeon and the expectations of the patient.

  • Surgeon Skill – While surgeons performing many procedures that are strictly medical have an objective goal at the end of the procedure, and can often follow a specific set of steps in order to complete the procedure successfully, plastic surgeons understand that the desired result may be very different from patient to patient. It takes a tremendous amount of patience and skill to not only listen to and comprehend exactly what a patient hopes to get out of their procedure, but also to execute those results with artistry and technical mastery.
  • Patient Expectations – It is also true that both patients and physicians need to do everything they can to establish a strong relationship to ensure that expectations are made clear. Often, a surgeon can execute the procedure perfectly based on their plan for the patient’s new look, but if the doctor and patient were not on the same page as to what that new look might be, the patient can be left dissatisfied. At BHP, our doctors take the extra effort to establish a clear line of communication to help ensure success in all regards.

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