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BHP Helps Patients Complete Their Weight Loss Journeys

The team here at Beverly Hills Physicians is comprised of a diverse group of experts in the field of weight loss surgery. Throughout our years as one of the largest and well-regarded medical networks in Southern California, we’ve helped numerous people shed their life-hindering problems stemming from obesity. This can include a diminished quality of life, but it most often involves many of the comorbidities stemming from the condition, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and much more.

With board certified bariatric surgeons at hand, Beverly Hills Physicians can successfully perform a gastric sleeve, lap band, and many other weight loss procedures. We employ talented nutritionists, psychologists, and experienced support staff in order to make sure the operation results in long-term weight loss success. It’s a difficult decision to choose to have bariatric surgery; after all, it is not without risk. That being said, Beverly Hills Physicians’ weight loss surgeons are the best in their field, with expert training in bariatric surgery as well as years of experience that have honed their already exemplary skills.

Sometimes, unfortunately, weight loss journeys may face road blocks. This can happen even after a weight loss procedure. If you’ve had bariatric surgery without sufficient weight loss or are facing complications from the procedure, give the team at Beverly Hills Physicians a call. Our bariatric surgeons have corrected many improperly performed operations from other doctors. A common choice in these scenarios is the lap band revision to gastric sleeve surgery, which removes the lap band and simultaneously converts the stomach into a sleeve shape. The BHP team is on hand to walk you through this process so you can finally live life without obesity.

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