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Beverly Hills Physicians Offers Lap Band Revision Procedure

Some will spend many years considering a weight loss surgery before having it. These patients finally got up the courage to speak with a bariatric surgeon, perhaps going to an informational seminar or meeting with a doctor one-on-one. Here at Beverly Hills Physicians, we’ve seen many patients come in who have been tossing the idea around for a very long time before deciding that the surgery is something to seriously consider. Of course, not everybody will be a viable candidate for weight loss surgery, but for those who qualify, it’s a powerful tool that can help finally end obesity and restore health and wellness for the patient.

Because there are so many emotions tied into the decision to get a bariatric surgery, it can be incredibly difficult if the patient doesn’t experience sufficient weight loss following it. In the case of a lap band procedure, the device could cause pain or discomfort in the patient or simply not lead to sufficient weight loss. This can be incredibly crushing for those who thought this experience would help them shed their obesity. The team at Beverly Hills Physicians believes that these patients need not give up hope; BHP’s bariatric surgeons are experts in the lap band revision to gastric sleeve procedure which simultaneously removes an offending lap band while converting the stomach into a sleeve shape.

The lap band to gastric sleeve surgery is the next step for those who haven’t had success with the lap band. Furthermore, Beverly Hills Physicians offers extensive aftercare that helps ensure that all BHP patients have reliable and helpful support following surgery. This includes the work of a nutritionist and a knowledgeable support staff who can help with difficult questions along the way. Call BHP to learn more!

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