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Bariatric Surgery Is Proven to Improve Health

Bariatric Surgery Is Proven to Improve Health

It’s an amazing first step to decide that you’re ready to lose weight. Obesity comes with more than its fair share of health risks, so weight loss surgery with Beverly Hills Physicians can be life-saving. When you lose weight, you gain the energy to take up opportunities that you never felt confident to do before, sleep better, and feel less physical pain in your back and joints. People who lose weight have less chance of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and many more serious ailments. Basically, choosing to lose weight is important.

There are a couple of different types of weight loss surgery options, with the two major ones being Lap Band and gastric sleeve surgery. Lap Band entails having a band tightened around the stomach, a procedure which is ultimately reversible, if need be. The gastric sleeve option involves removing a large portion of the stomach to promote faster weight loss. If you don’t like the results of your original procedure, there’s always the Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve option. The decision between which bariatric surgery is right for you should ultimately be discussed with one of the talented surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians.

Weight loss surgery may seem like a drastic step, but it’s actually a common way to fight obesity these days. If you’re ready to lose weight and fight the health risks connected to obesity, Beverly Hills Physicians can help you. Contact our offices today to set up a free consultation to discussion your options, answer any pressing questions, and learn more about our facilities.

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