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A Time for New Beginnings with Weight Loss Surgery

Thinking of weight loss surgery as a strictly cosmetic procedure is a gross misconception. Severe obesity greatly increases the likelihood of countless conditions ranging from heart disease and kidney failure, to strokes and dementia. At the same time, there’s no discounting the fact that obesity also does us few favors as it pertains to our day-to-day quality of life or sense of self-esteem. There’s also no avoiding the reality that the warmer months can be especially difficult for the obese as embarrassment about their appearance, or even an inability to participate in many athletic and recreational activities, can put a severe damper on any hopes for spring and summer fun. It’s therefore no surprise that we at Beverly Hills Physicians expect a spike in interest from prospective weight loss patients during the coming spring and summer months.

Of course, the process of weight loss following a bariatric procedure is anything but instant and should not be thought of as a seasonal matter. Really, any time of the year is a good time to get started on a happier and healthier life, and BHP is the place to do it.

In addition to actual weight loss surgery, which reduces the appetite and makes achieving and maintaining a significant weight loss vastly less difficult, we provides access to a range of medical services encompassing the physical, psychological, and cosmetic aspects of weight loss. Importantly, nutritionists and therapists are on staff to help patients learn new eating habits and adjust to their post bariatric-surgery bodies.

The issues patients can face as they deal with their new bodies can range from the realization that weight loss, while very important, does not necessarily resolve every issue in a patient’s life, or simply learning how to maintain better dietary and exercise habits over the long-term. In addition, some patients who have obtained procedures elsewhere may find that their initial surgery hasn’t produced the results they expected. That’s when many patients turn to our highly experienced doctors for the best in revision weight loss procedures.

In addition, successful weight loss procedures can sometimes lead to large folds of loose skin, which patients find both unattractive and uncomfortable. Beverly Hills Physicians is also home to many of the finest plastic surgeons in the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California area. The body contouring procedures offered by the leading plastic surgeons at BHP have helped many formerly obese individuals to fully embrace their new lives as healthier, happier, and, yes, more attractive individuals.

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