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A Real Housewife’s Facelift and Today’s Increasingly Proactive Approach to Procedures

A recent article on Refinery 29 by cast member Tamra Judge of the Bravo network’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County” describes her motivations for getting a lower facelift shortly before turning 50, and how the procedure turned out successfully for her. Here at BHP, we think that her attitude towards the procedure indicates the growing reality that plastic surgery has become simply another weapon in a beauty-conscious person’s arsenal that can be used at any age.


Facelifts and other types of facial rejuvenation procedures are becoming increasingly common at all ages. Middle-aged and older people increasingly may suddenly find themselves in the dating pool or trying to stay relevant in their careers, so procedures that make them appear more rested and youthful can often improve a patient’s outlook significantly. At the other end of the spectrum, more and more people in their late 20s and early 30s are taking a proactive approach in terms of using such injectables as Botox to try and stop wrinkles before they become a problem. Still, the middle years remain the time when a great many women – and a rapidly increasing number of men – start looking into ways to maintain their appearance. 


Beverly Hills Physicians adds that, as with Tamra Judge, patients are often men and women who have taken superb care of themselves and who, even in middle age, may not seem to need any work. However, beauty savvy people know that the impacts of aging can be lessened by an approach that doesn’t wait for appearance issues to become obvious.

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