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A Phone Call is All it Takes To Get Started Losing Weight Again

While all those who undergo LAP-BAND weight loss surgery hope it will be their one and only time they will ever need weight loss surgery, the truth is that some patients may experience complications and need a secondary procedure. In fact, lap band revision to gastric sleeve with Beverly Hills Physicians can successfully remove your lap band device and complete a secondary procedure such as gastric sleeve conversion surgery. The procedure involves removing the lap band device from around the stomach, which lets the stomach expand to its original capacity, and then 85 percent of the stomach is removed, while the remaining portion is fashioned into the shape of a sleeve.

When it comes to a secondary weight loss surgery, obviously it takes more than just the procedure itself to ensure success. In fact, it involves thorough preparation, counseling and aftercare to achieve the desired results so the patient loses weight and keeps it off for good. While it isn’t the patient’s fault that they were unable to achieve their goal weight with lap band surgery, it likely is because they were not able to successfully adhere to their new, healthy behaviors to sustain weight loss and then keep it off for life. At BHP, we believe in helping the patient in the months before their procedure with nutrition and psychological counseling so they are fully prepared for what they can anticipate the second time around.

If you have had unsuccessful bariatric surgery and you’re looking to make a change or get back on track, let Beverly Hills Physicians be your guide. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.

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