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A Happy New Sex Life with Cosmetic Surgery

A Happy New Sex Life with Cosmetic Surgery

It’s a fact of life that as we get older, our sex lives changes and not always for the better. As our bodies get older, they sag and wrinkle, as well as lose physical sensations. Why should anybody have to settle for anything less than a stellar sex life just because they’ve gotten a bit older? At Beverly Hills Physicians, we believe that aging doesn’t have to impede anybody’s ideal sex life. Our surgeons and wellness staff always keep up with the latest cosmetic surgeries that can positively transform our patient’s lives and that includes cutting-edge vaginal surgeries.

When women get older, they often begin to experience vaginal laxity. It can also happen after natural childbirth, if the baby was delivered vaginally. As a result, women can experience incontinence and leakage when they laugh, sneeze, or even bending over, which can be embarrassing to say the least. Laxity also impacts sexual stimulation, which is why many women opt for vaginal rejuvenation surgery at Beverly Hills Physicians.

Vaginal surgeries like G-Spot Magnification can boost a woman’s ability to feel sexual pleasure. Surgeries like labial reduction are sometimes cosmetic, but are usually used to stop pain, irritation, and infection during intercourse. In these cases, vaginal surgery is a necessity for a healthy and happy sex life.

If you’re ready to combat the effects of aging and childbirth, Beverly Hills Physicians can put you in touch with one of the foremost surgeons in the field. These surgeries are outpatient, meaning your recovery time and pain is minimal, allowing you to get back to your regularly scheduled life in no time. Call today for a free consultation.

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