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It’s Memorial Day; Get Your Feet in Shape for Summer with Beverly Hills Physicians

Memorial Day weekend is just about upon us, but there’s no reason to panic if foot problems such as calluses, bunions, corns, or ingrown toenails are making you want to hide indoors. Beverly Hills Physicians is the place to find an ingenious, foot-savvy Los Angeles podiatrist that can help to make your feet outdoor fun friendly again. Best of all, there’s still plenty of time to get started on saving your feet before summer truly starts.

East coast residents and the film industry may regard Memorial Day as the official start of summer, but Southern California has its own weather and its own way of life. In fact, meteorologists tell us that the first day of actual summer in 2013 is still weeks away. Moreover, if this summer is typical of So Cal summers past, it may be well into July before the late night and early morning low clouds of “June gloom” dissipate and summer weather really begins.

People suffering from foot issues may have a little extra time before summer really gets started, but that doesn’t mean they have any time to waste. If you want your foot problems to be behind you as soon as possible, now is the time to contact Beverly Hills Physicians and find a skilled and caring foot specialist. Some problems take longer to take care of than others, so you don’t want to waste another moment.

At times, treatment can be as simple as suggesting a different type of shoe. In other cases, a common problem such as a bunion may be persistent enough to warrant bunion surgery, a simple treatment which usually requires little downtime but still involves a recovery period. Regardless of the treatment or the condition, the goal is always the same: ending or significantly reducing foot pain so that patients can get back to enjoying their favorite activities as quickly as possible.

Walking on the beach, nature hikes, playing with your kids, even shopping at the mall – so many summertime and warm weather activities involve walking. Whatever our favorite pastimes, aching feet can prevent us from getting the exercise we need. Since excess weight can make foot problems worse, aching feet can be part of a classic vicious cycle: the weight worsens the foot problem, which then makes it harder to exercise, leading to further weight gain. Patients whose foot problems may in part stem from serious obesity might consider consulting a Beverly Hills Physicians weight loss surgeon as well as a podiatrist to see if a weight loss procedure can help them can break the cycle completely.

Whatever the cause of your foot problems, now is the time to consult a foot specialist at Beverly Hills Physicians. Where you go to get foot treatment matters and Beverly Hills Physicians is here to make the entire process easier for patients. To request a free initial consultation, please call 800-788-1416 or visit www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com

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