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Gastric Sleeve is Life Changing

Gastric Sleeve is Life Changing

For many people, one of the biggest struggles in life by far is in losing weight. For the severely obese, it’s never an easy journey. It can be filled with self-doubt, all the more so because, in almost all cases, traditional methods of motivating yourself to shed pounds have not worked. That’s why Beverly Hills Physicians offers a helping hand with procedures like sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles and amazing guidance throughout the whole weight loss process. Even after the procedure is finished, we offer assistance and emotional support in keeping on track while you work hard towards getting to a healthier weight.

Although procedures like a gastric sleeve really can be life changing, they aren’t magic. You still have to work for losing weight. You still have to eat healthier and in much smaller amounts and do your best by exercising.  If you have have a BMI or above or 35 or 40 or above with related health problems, however, a bariatric surgery might well be the best plan for you. Plus, you’ll have the help of the amazing team at Beverly Hills Physicians so that you never have to go through it all alone.

For those who are obese but not severely obese, the gastric balloon is an increasingly popular weight loss option. The balloon is a nonsurgical weight loss procedure, in which a balloon is placed in the stomach through your throat and inflated once inside, greatly reducing the appetite. Every patient is different and Beverly Hills Physicians prides itself on offering you the best arrangement of options possible. Call today to begin changing your life for the better with weight loss.

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