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When Dieting Isn’t Enough

It’s common knowledge that countless Americans are struggling with their weight. Battling intense cravings and the immediate rewards of junk food can be a daily source of discomfort and feelings of being overwhelmed. But what happens if dieting doesn’t work? What solutions are available, and which ones are best suited for you? And if you’re thinking about an operation like a gastric sleeve, which team of doctors and health care professionals can you trust?

The Beverly Hills Physicians know these questions float around in your mind when considering weight loss surgery and its costs and effects, and they have the expertise and dedication to help you answer the questions, and make the right decision. A decision that could lead to a new stage in your life, a stage not marked by hunger and overeating, but by weight loss, and the feeling of being more satisfied with a smaller meal.

In fact, weight loss surgeries can shrink your stomach, so that you’re likely to no longer have the desire to overeat. This of course, is likely to lead to weight loss on scale that helps you to see results faster than if you were only dieting. BHP offers a range of procedures, from a lap band revision to gastric sleeve that can be selected and implemented for a patient who wants the personally correct solution to their weight issue. These procedures can be especially effective for people who are severely obese. If you believe you are severely obese, and want help getting back to a size that may give you more confidence and energy, you’ll want to consider weight loss surgery, and the experienced staff at the Beverly Hills Physicians Group.

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