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Breast Augmentation & Liposuction (10-12)

Case of the Month Procedure: Breast Augmentation (10-12)

This patient consulted me for Breast Augmentation and liposuction of her mid-section. I performed tumescent liposuction of her upper and lower abdomen and flanks and lower back. She wore a dressing of adherent foam padding for 2 weeks before removing the dressing. This greatly reduces the post op swelling period. I also placed high profile saline implants, 420cc on the right and 440cc on the left, through a small incision in her axilla and under her pectoralis muscle. She wore an upper breast band for 4 weeks to maintain the lowering of her infra-mammary fold. This result is now 7 weeks from the day of surgery and she continues to improve with each visit.*

Procedure performed by Dr. Louis R. Mandris, MD

Patient Testimonial:

My success story begins about 5 years ago. I was at my ideal body weight, but still unhappy with my “love handles” and now even smaller breasts (when I lost weight, those even got smaller). It didn’t matter how many side-bends or oblique workouts I did, I couldn’t get rid of them! I knew it had to be a genetic thing, my whole family had them. I met my future husband, not long after that. Of course, he never said anything bad, but I was still unhappy. It wasn’t until I met the girls at Beverly Hills Physicians that I knew I could finally find peace with my love handles and small breasts… and of course, Dr. Mandris was WONDERFUL!!! He was so kind and made me feel so comfortable at the consultation. He reassured me that these would be fixed and I would be happy. He couldn’t have been more right! I am ecstatic with my results and love to show off my new body! I can finally wear the clothes that I put in the back of my closet and I got to go shopping for a new bikini and I wasn’t self conscious at all! I can’t thank Dr. Mandris, Iris, and Cynthia enough! The whole staff is wonderful! THANK YOU!!!!*

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