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Matthew Safapour, DPM

Dr. Matthew Safapour is a Board Certified, seasoned and accomplished Podiatric Surgeon. He can manage problems having to do with the foot and ankle. Some of the most common ailments encountered include: foot and ankle sports injuries, work related injuries, fractures, bone spurs, heel pain, callus, fungal nails, warts, bunions, hammertoes, and high and low arched feet.

Why Choose Dr. Safapour?

Experience – With thousands of patients serviced in all areas of foot and ankle care, we are among the most qualified in Los Angeles County. Dr. Safapour’s staff is thorouhly trained and is committed to offering foot care in an empathetic environment.

Education and Training – Dr. Safapour’s experience and practice is exclusive to the foot and ankle, including surgical correction of the foot deformities, biomechanics including functional foot Orthotics, Foot and Ankle sports medicine, Podiatry pediatrics, diabetic wound care, and limb salvage, and hospital based podiatry.

Integrity – Dr. Safapour offers podiatric medicine to patients in a caring environment. Dr. Safapour and his office staff have worked for years to successfully create an office setting, where the patient’s care comfort and privacy is top priority.

Undergraduate Studies

State University of New York

Medical School

CCPM, University of California, San Francisco


CCPM/USC/ Los Angeles County Medical Center
Podiatry Medicine and Surgery

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