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Surgeries for Men are in High Demand

A recent article on The Health Site discusses the various plastic surgery procedures that are currently popular among men. The article goes on to mention that men are often specifically interested in surgically improving such areas as their chest, eyelids, neck and stomach. The reality is that, as a growing number of men are seeking to improve their appearance through plastic surgery, offering male patients the very best in cutting-edge surgery procedures is becoming an ever more important aspect of our work here at BHP. Our male patients can significantly benefit from plastic surgery for a variety of reasons:

Youthful Appearance – The physical signs of aging are, not surprisingly, often a major concern for patients considering plastic surgery. Even for relatively young patients, enduring high levels of stress can take a toll on their appearance. Moreover, patients are often unhappy with the fact that they appear older than they actually are and are concerned about its impact on their social life. For our plastic surgeons, the individual needs of each and every patient are a top priority, including their frequent desire to shave years off of their appearance. For example, many patients who want a more youthful look often choose to undergo eyelid surgery, removing baggy eyelids that can make a man look tired and many years older than his actual age.


Career Goals – For the career oriented patient, maintaining a youthful physical appearance is very important to combat age-discrimination and maintain a competitive edge against younger looking members of the work force. Patients often worry that their aging looks can keep them from being considered for jobs or promotions. We offer our patients a large number of cutting-edge surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures that restore a patient’s youthful self-confidence.

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