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Gastric Sleeve Carson

The choice to have weight loss surgery is never an easy or simple one. There are many factors to be taken into consideration, including the choice of the particular type of bariatric procedure and whether the patient is truly ready to benefit from what these highly effective surgeries can offer. There is also, a choice to be made in regards to the actual type of surgery the patient will be acquiring. Beverly Hills Physicians is proud to offer the full range of bariatric procedures. Our outstanding doctors are ready and able to work with patients in terms of selecting the absolute best procedures and guiding them through the entire process.

The lap band is a very popular choice with many because it is completely reversible and significantly less invasive than other procedures. A gastric sleeve is also increasingly being obtained because it is extremely effective in reducing patients’ appetites while allowing them to eat a full range of their favorite foods. In cases where past surgeries may have gone wrong in some respect or simply did not produce enough weight loss, the highly skilled surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians have had great success in revision weight loss surgery.

Where you go for weight loss surgery matters. There’s a good reason that we’ve become the medical network for a lap band, revision, gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy Carson residents and people throughout Southern California turn to first. It is our high level of personalized care.

For more information, please call Beverly Hills Physicians at 800-788-1416. Our outstanding doctors and medical staff look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all of your weight and health issues.

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