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Don’t Put Off Shedding Pounds

Don’t Put Off Shedding Pounds

Why not start your weight loss journey today? Sure, you might be thinking “that’s easier said than done.” If you’ve struggled to lose weight with traditional methods like diet and exercise, you might need additional help from the experts at Beverly Hills Physicians. The reality is that, yes, they are the key to weight loss but it’s extraordinarily difficult for most people to stick to low calorie regimes over the long term. Fortunately, our incredible bariatric professionals have decades of experience assisting people who have fought obesity for years finally shed those unwanted pounds for good. Although our surgical options like Lap Band and gastric sleeve aren’t a magic cure, it can put you on the right track.

Beverly Hills Physicians is the best resource to get procedures like sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles for many reasons. As a network of the best surgeons in the industry, we feature board certified doctors with many years of experience in their chosen field. Our facilities offer the latest technology, as we are constantly searching for ways to make weight loss procedures easier and more comfortable for our patients. Currently, bariatric surgeries are minimally invasive, making recovery times short so that you can get back to your normal life fast. We also have offices located all over Southern California, so that it’s convenient to find someplace close to you with the best resources we have to offer.

At Beverly Hills Physicians we have permanent and temporary weight loss options. Lap Band is a reversible procedure. Gastric sleeve involves removing a large portion of the stomach. Another option for patients with significant weight problems but who are not severely obese is balloon weight loss, which features a balloon places in the stomach through the mouth to fill you up for a limited amount of time. Call today to learn more.

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